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The Back-Door:

Coming home to God's healing love.

"Behold, I'm standing at the door, knocking.
If your heart is open to hear my voice
and you will open the door within,
I will come into you and feast with you,
and you will feast with me."
Revelation 3:20

About Anne Dobbs

Hi, I'm Anne!


I am passionate about creating a safe, confidential, compassionate space for people who long to grow and heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am a licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, a Minister of Pastoral Care and an Spiritual Director. My counseling practice began in 2012 and is steeped in recovery principles, inner child work, and experiential therapy methods. My approach invites clients to uncover the stories and behaviors that keep a them stuck so that they can begin to find healing and freedom in their lives. As you let all the bricks fall down, I will gently walk alongside you and God, as you begin again, brick by brick.  The ministry of spiritual direction comes from a desire to accompany others on their journeys to knowing God more intimately, loving God more deeply, and following God more closely. My desire is to meet people where they are and offer them a safe, loving space in the comfort of my home office. In this place they can discover more of God's love and direction on their life's journey. 


So glad you've made your way to my website...

I'm so glad you're here. I want to share with you the vision that God gave me for my practice and the heartbeat of my work. One day I was sharing with a mentor that God was whispering someting to me through the back-door of my heart. When she mirrored this experience to me, the vision of "the back-door" was born. As I talked more and more with God about this vision, it became clear to me that this was what God wanted me to offer others. My back-door home office offers you a safe place where you will feel welcomed, seen, known, heard, and understood. It is a place to come home to God's healing love.

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