About Anne

Anne is passionate about creating spaces where people can grow spiritually and encounter the healing power of God in fresh, new ways.  She longs to journey with individuals as they seek to grow in intimacy with themselves and with their Creator.  


Anne is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, an Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care, and holds a certificate in Ignatian Spiritual Direction. She has extensive knowledge about addiction and 12-step recovery programs. Anne is a wife and mother to four children and continues to engage in her own spiritual growth practices and healing work.

“I believe God created me to enter fully into a relationship with Him and to come to know him so intimately that I see myself as He sees me. In turn, as I build relationships with others, I can help them turn towards their Creator who longs to love, heal, and transform them in a personal way.” – Anne

Photography: Amber Beckham



Quiet Days

Two upcoming dates!

June 20th & 26th

In this season of isolation and quarantine, we invite you to make space in your life for a Virtual Quiet Day.

Silent Directed Retreat

New August Date Posted! 

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A silent retreat is a time of rest: an intentional time to listen for God in a new way without the busyness of life.

August 6-9 Silent Retreat


Fall Groups

Two new Spiritual Direction Groups added. 

The Living Word Spiritual Direction Group &

Setting Captives Free Group

Information for

2020-21 Spiritual Direction Groups and Silent Retreats

have been added!

Anne Dobbs | Spiritual Direction & Christian Counseling

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Making a space to encounter an intimate God who longs to transform our brokenness into wholeness.

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