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Soul Play.

Feel at home in your home.

A fresh approach to aligning your home and soul.

Did you know that your home is a 3D reflection of your inner self?  That it tells your story?  The story of your past and present?  Perhaps your home is telling an old story; one you're ready to re-write.

Our living spaces are one way we limit way we hold on to the past.  We do this in our thinking and in our living.  How would you like to enter into a "doorway" that leads to a new room of you?  A room that allows you to see limiting beliefs, areas of stuckness, and what you most value and want in your life?

Are you ready to liberate yourself and what needs to grow or change?  I'm here to be your excavation guide.  We will embark on a journey dedicated to excavating your authentic self, and should you desire, your personal living space too.  The soul excavation journey is rich with goodness, beauty and abundance. It is a journey to becoming more fully alive!

The changes you make in your life, and possibly in your home, will begin to reflect the dreams, desires and longings of your heart and soul.  Your future will feel expansive and full of possibilities.​


Soul Play at Home"...


As I pursued more abundance, beauty, and goodness in my own life, I began to notice a merging of passions: psychology and spirituality with creativity and beauty.  Though it's not a role or a credential, one life-long endeavor for me has been to "play house".  I have, for as long as I can remember, been inspired to create comfortable and beautiful living spaces. I discovered a desire to help others do the same.


"Soul Play at Home" is a process I have developed that helps clients to become more fully themselves by discovering an interesting and exciting intersection between the heart and soul, and the home. Crafting my own beautiful life has prepared me to help you do the same. This intersection birthed "Soul Play at Home".


This 4 session process begins in my office, where we begin to uncover your authentic self.  As you continue the journey of authentic excavation, you may choose to add on more sessions.  These may look like deeper soul play, house play, or both. We may "play house" in just 1 room or space of your home, or in your entire home.  Either way, you will find yourself feeling more aligned and alive than ever! 

Welcome home, friend.
Now, let's play house!

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