No one really changes unless they know themselves to be deeply loved.

Anne is an Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care—and a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor—trained to provide compassionate, respectful, and confidential care and instruction to individuals.


Her holistic perspective and approach to counseling facilitate an encounter with an intimate God who invites us on a personal journey of healing and transformation.

Anne’s knowledge and experience include: 

  • Addiction Counseling using recovery methods and the 12-Steps, 

  • The Adult Chair: a path to self-realization and authentic living in which internal transactions and feelings are experienced through the child chair, the survivor chair, and the adult chair, and

  • Biblical and Pastoral Counseling

  • Meetings are typically weekly or every other week. 

​The hourly fee is $120. 


Online Christian Counseling & Spiritual Direction available!
Anne offers counseling through different online platforms including Facetime, HIPAA approved Telehealth, Zoom or phone call. Please use the button below to acquire more information and/or book a session.