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Christian Counseling

No one really changes unless they know themselves to be deeply loved.

In doing this work with people over the last 10 years, I have come to realize that it is usually through some kind of shattering or internal uprising in a person's life that propels them to seek counseling.  When people decide to do their work and when they find the courage to get down into the nitty gritty, they begin to discover the freedom and joy that comes through the process of discovering what's true.  


I am a Minister of Pastoral Care—and a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor—trained to provide compassionate, respectful, and confidential care and instruction to individuals. It is my great privilege to journey alongside people as they examine their stories and their unproductive thinking; as they face addictions (their own or loved ones' ); when they revisit past trauma and woundedness, and when they welcome their unresolved feelings and learn to understand, with compassion, why they engage in unhealthy behaviors. Participating in this work allows people to heal, grow, and be transformed.  It opens the door to their inner home where their true authentic self lives.  


We will use a variety of tools, techniques and practices in the counseling journey.  There are individual as well as group counseling opportunities. My holistic perspective and approach to counseling facilitates an encounter with an intimate God who invites you on a personal journey of healing and transformation.

Some of my knowledge and experience include: 

  • Addiction Counseling using recovery methods and the 12-Steps

  • Inner child work using The Adult Chair: a path to self-realization and authentic living in which internal transactions and feelings are experienced through the child chair, the survivor chair, and the adult chair.

  • Enneagram assessment and application

  • Experiential and expressive direction modalities 

  • Biblical and Pastoral Counseling

Counseling Groups:


Using material from poetry and writings, contemplative practices and an in-depth look at emotions, we find healing as we journey into a better understanding of our hearts' wisdom. 



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