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Living a Rule of Life

Dovehouse Ministries is offering an opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus through fellowship, meals, and spiritual disciplines for one year beginning with Advent. Please read the letter from Dovehouse's director, Gail Pitt. 

Dear Friends,

Almost four years ago, I began to think and pray about gathering a group of people together who want to grow in relationship with Jesus, have fellowship and learn together. 

I have had people ask about a group like this where the common thread would be longing to know Jesus more and loving Him more, centered around the individual practice of living a rule of life. This group would offer fellowship, a meal together, and some time learning together once a month for one year beginning with Advent this year.

A rule of life is a simple framework made up of spiritual practices that help one grow in the journey of following Christ. Examples include daily prayer, spiritual reading, acts of mercy, spiritual direction, simplicity, silence and solitude, the sacrament of the present moment, the Eucharist. The rule helps us have a structure that leads us to love God more. I do have a very simple rule that came from Green Bough House of Prayer and was written by Fay Key.  Each individual would find his or her own pace and practice but use the same disciplines. So we would share in the disciplines, but how much we pray or read for example would be up to the individual and God.

Living a Rule of Life establishes a rhythm in which one can grow and be shaped by the Holy Spirit.  Living a rule of life together would provide a community of people who long to grow in relationship with God, who are wanting an experience of learning and journeying together, intentionally practicing the different spiritual disciplines.  

As I have prayed about this, I continue to have a desire to offer it to you, to see if it's something you are interested in being a part of with me and others.  It is open to men and women, married and single, and Christian adults of all ages.  It is not a church.  It's simply a group of people who are longing for a deepening relationship with Jesus and wanting to build community and relationships around this longing and in this journey.  Again, the commitment is for one year, meeting once a month, beginning this year at Advent.  If people are interested, we will have a meeting the end of October or beginning of November to talk more in detail about living the rule of life together.

I will be a part of this group, and I have asked Jerry and Frances Regan to lead and welcome us each month.  Jerry and Frances are both trained and gifted spiritual directors, they have a long history of ministry on the mission field, in counseling and spiritual direction and both have a heart to help others grow in their relationship with Jesus.  I see this as an opportunity of learning from different teachers about the different elements of the Rule of Life and about Ignatian Spirituality—finding God in all things and a deeper friendship with Jesus.

Please let me know by October 16th if you are interested and don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have. I hope you will join us. 

Many blessings,

Gail Worsham Pitt 

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